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Eating out as a celiac can have the potential for frustration. It is really useful if you have a general idea about what dishes contain before choosing as it’s really frustrating to get your mouth in the ideal shape for a particular dish and then find out it isn’t suitable.

Asking the waiter or waitress to find out from the kitchen as you’re passed the menus that which is gluten free is often quite productive.

If you’re booking in advance try sending them letter template in”Live Well – Eat Well With Celiac Disease” which outlines the things you can eat and clearly says what you will need to avoid, before you go. Another plan is to keep a copy in your purse or wallet so that you may offer it when you arrive. Be mindful that in a pressurised restaurant I can not guarantee they’ll read it and take it in.

If it is a location you use regularly it is well worth making a time to talk to the chef during their quiet times. Give them the What You Can And Can’t Eat parts of the ebook or indicate they purchase a copy of their own for future reference.

Twice in the last month I have had the same experience when eating out.

I looked at the menu and saw a risotto as a beginner – I actually fancied it. A risotto should be perfectly safe if produced by conventional methods. After the waitress from the first restaurant returned from assessing what I wanted it wasn’t included in the listing.

As you know if you have read the book, all types of pure rice are gluten free. As the customer you now have to choose whether to chose something else or to challenge their comprehension of Bird Removal.

A week later in a different restaurant the identical thing happened but I chose to take it further and asked her to find a list of ingredients. It turned out that instead of using homemade stock they had been using a bought in mixture which contained wheat germ.

Always check things out since you never know.

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